March 3, 2015 Special Election on Measure O



On Tuesday, March 3, 2015, Hermosa Beach voters will decide on Measure O: whether to allow oil and gas drilling in Hermosa Beach.

The Committee Against Hermosa Beach Oil Drilling is a group of Hermosans concerned about the proposed oil and gas drilling project at Sixth and Valley near South Park and across the street from the widely used Green Belt. Our top priority is to raise funds to educate residents about the facts of oil and gas drilling and the dangers posed from this project which includes NINE (9) significant impacts that cannot be mitigated and health impacts that can lead to death.

Please contribute so we can get the word out about the dangers of this project through mailers and other communications to respond to false messaging and rumors about the oil and gas drilling project. Let's band together to keep our beaches and air clean, and keep our children safe from the risk of a possible blowout, oil spill, and other serious environmental and health impacts that are outlined in the Final Environmental Impact Report.

We will also educate residents why is this a bad deal for the city. The cost to the city if voters approve the oil and gas drilling project is in the millions.  If voters say NO, the city pays $17.5M with $6 million already set aside, another $1 million budgeted this year and the remaining balance paid over 30 years at a cost of approximately $850,000 per year.  The City has already budgeted $1 million per year which will cover the $850,000 annual payment. 

If you want to help protect our coastline, please help by donating to educate residents about why drilling for oil and gas is bad for Hermosa Beach and the entire Santa Monica Bay. We can't do this without the generous support from a large group of concerned citizens. Thank you for your consideration.



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Committee Against Hermosa Beach Oil Drilling